Caladuril, Flame of Light



The Game

Caladuril Flame of LightA typical Caladuril screen shotCaladuril is a puzzle-based graphical adventure game for the Palm Pilot. The player navigates a shifting landscape, collecting items and solving puzzles to move the game's story-line forward. The action is presented in a plan or 3/4 isometric view, with occasional first-person art (see the Screen Shots). In addition to the mental puzzles, there are a few sections that require manual dexterity to avoid rapidly moving threats.




The Story

The adventure follows the life of Jamerend Tarinson, a young smith's son. Jame accidentally destroys the magical protection of Footfall Vale, home to his people, and embarks on a quest to find the source of the evil that pours into his land. Jame eventually discovers that he belongs to a noble bloodline, and that his ancient sire is none other than Tarin, Lord of Fire. It is Tarin's evil brother Silmnoleh that threatens the Valley, and Jame vows to do battle with him to protect his home. Deep in Silmnoleh's castle, Jame discovers the secret of the twin Fireswords, Caladuril Flame of Light, and Morduril Flame of Darkness. How are Jame and his enemy's fates intertwined with these ancient, powerful artifacts? Play Caladuril, and find out!


More Details

swordr.bmp (5942 bytes) Screen Shots

swordr.bmp (5942 bytes) Background Story

swordr.bmp (5942 bytes) Art Gallery

swordr.bmp (5942 bytes) Help and hints, including a full walkthrough. (Many spoilers, click with care!)



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swordr.bmp (5942 bytes) Download the shareware Palm Pilot version! (205k For Palm III and above). 

(This is a ZIP file; or you can choose this self-extracting EXE file).

Note for Palm IIIc (color) users: This version runs poorly on a Palm IIIc- fix coming soon. Meanwhile use a res-switcher (such as depth 0.4.1 by unlimited mac and palm) to set 1-bit color before running Caladuril.

Download to your desktop computer, un-zip, then hot-sync to your Palm Pilot. 

Please note that Distant Systems makes no warranties for this software or consequences of its use. Make sure your valuable data is secured before running this program. An unanticipated error could crash your Pilot and destroy your data. Distant Systems will assume no liability for any such loss, and your use of this executable signifies your assumption of any such risk.

When you're ready for the registered version:


swordr.bmp (5942 bytes) Download Windows Release Candidate Version 4 (96k) (a fully playable version that emulates a Palm Pilot on any Windows computer)

(This is a zipped executable and data file (win.exe and Download, and place both files in the same directory. Execute the win.exe file.)




Quick instructions for playing Caladuril

cal1-1.gif (2620 bytes)Here we see your character, Jame, standing in Footfall Vale.

At the bottom of the screen is a row of twelve icons. The middle four icons are the action buttons. From left to right they are: Get/Drop, Examine. Use/Go, and Combine. The leftmost four icons (empty in this picture) show items you are carrying. The rightmost four icons (also empty here) show items that are near to you. You will manipulate items by first clicking on the item, and then clicking on an action button (or the other way round). To pick up an item, click its icon, then click "Get/Drop". To combine two items, click the first, then the "Combine" button, and then the second item. The Examine and Use/Go buttons function similarly. You can also double-click any item to get or drop it.

cal1-8.jpg (4100 bytes)Click the stylus (or mouse) anywhere in the main play area to move Jame to that point. The view will jump as Jame nears the edge of the screen.

Occasionally, your actions will cause some text to be presented on-screen. When you have finished reading, click the screen anywhere to dismiss the text (or move to the next page).

Menu options allow saving and loading games (including an automatically saved game, which is usually a great way of recovering from a recent mishap), returning to the most recent winnable situation, and replaying the most recent message.

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